Key to me – the place of feel good

Hi beautiful.

How are you? I am so blessed to be typing this right after our sunny holiday in South Africa. Feeling topped up with vitamin D and positive energy I am more than ready to get back to work.

I have recently done a lot of thinking about ‘key to me’  and what it really represents for me.


It happened one morning when I was completely filled with appreciation for life and all its blessings, going though all the littlest things that I am grateful for.  I realized then that ‘key to me’ is the place of feel good.

It is all those things that can be done to be in such place, it is the daily gratitude. It is all the things to do with my style and all the pieces that make me feel me and that makes me feel great. It is being there for others and being the best version of me. But it is also the realization that it is my responsibility to do all that and to daily check in with myself that I am internally happy, based on me. It is reminding myself that Happiness is my job. Giving it away to little things or people around is simply not an option any more. In my life as well as my job I share that with others and my biggest goal and challenge is to help others recognize their uniqueness and beauty and to cherish that daily.

Key to me is also allowing myself to feel whatever I need to feel in every given moment, regardless of external factors or even people that are important to me. It is remembering that my sanity and happiness is a priority and only by checking on it daily I can be a good driver of my life. Sometimes, it is also acknowledging that I could use help from others and then asking for it without feeling bad. It is all about staying real.

WE are in control of our style, dreams, goals and so on. I am so sick and tired of complaining and excuses. I must say that my life has gone though a great cleanse lately and I surround myself with incredible and inspiring individuals now. I am a great believer in laws of the universe and in the fact that we put out, multiplies (put in the simplest way). I am not saying one must be fake in always smiling, that is not really possible but I and good, and getting really good at finding ways to make myself feel great, have fun and that, I believe, makes me a better, stylist, blogger, boss lady but most importantly better wife and mother. It is a whole new experience, realizing that I can like myself, my ideas, my words, my body, my soul, my energy and not feel embarrassed about it. Learning to love myself and learning to like myself are two different things and both are crucial in creating a life I love.

I really wanted to have little token, something to represent what this means to me and be a reminder. I have few pieces of personalized jewellery, and love them all (especially the once that were gifts) but this time I decided to ‘think of myself’ to stop making others responsible for my happiness and take all the credit.

The necklace I chose by INNEFABLES jewellery is perfect. Love the design of it. It will forever be my green light to be ME just the way I am and to allow and encourage others to do the same. My name necklace has a ‘Key to me’ engraved on it and is my newest and one of my favourite pieces already. Personalized jewellery is a great idea to treat ourselves and we all love a little reminder to be who we are right?

I hope reading this will encourage you to check in with yourself how you are feeling today and give yourself permission and encouragement to dream bigger than before and act on those dreams because you are worth is.

If you fancy treating yourself like I did, here is a link to the personalized jewellery





Above all I hope you are feeling awesome today.

Love you,



‘Key to me’ style

Hello you,

I hope you are acknowledging today how awesome you are and how far you have come!?

I am so grateful to have you here. Please say hello so that I can say it directly to you.

Today’s post is to share couple of the pieces I found at vintage fare on Saturday ( Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fare ). I was so excited to be there.

I watched and admired men and women with most unique and inspiring style. What a place to be at! What an awesome galaxy we live in… . There were pieces from decades ago. Sellers were telling me stories about clothes, accessories, shoes and more that I was viewing and buying. This gives me chills. I went with an intention on getting a blouse or a shirt and maybe an accessory and I found it all… not just any, obviously, but things that I imagined myself getting before, I visualized  ;). I usually have an idea what I am looking for ( I am always getting inspired and taking notes ) and I am open to new ideas. I shop with my body and skin tone as well as practicality in mind. Ticked all those boxes yet again :))

I think I just realized, how good I am at the treasure hunting 😉

Let me show you. You may have seen this inspo on my Instagram page some time ago. (Inspo! means I am not looking to get this very top).

I knew I would get what I was inspired here with though, it was just a matter of time ;). How about this :)))??



What do you think? I love the high neck and buttons at the back, that was what inspired me most. The fabric is different but actually more functional for my day to day life as well as my body shape.

I am so happy. I paired the blouse with these incredible clip earrings from 1960s. I also can’t wait to play around and swap the pieces around with the following combo.



‘… the way the fabric is woven catches the light where the pattern is woven through in a different direction to the main fabric.
The cream/ white one is tailored with a tapering front section and buttoned at the back.
The electric blue floral satin shirt is a baggier style to be worn with a tight-fitting ‘pencil’ skirt. This colour was very popular in the 80s!’

Quote about these beauties by incredible Fran Boyd ( ‘Goodbyenormajean’ on Instagram, and ‘Goodbye, Norma Jean’ on Facebook ). Find her, follow her and get inspired). I love her positive attitude, excitement, awesome style and knowledge about pieces, every single one.

That is all I am sharing with you today.

There will be more outfits with these as well as new pieces. Watch this space and make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily updates.

PS- ‘Key to me style’ is now becoming a hashtag too. I have been on a search for a word of phrase to use whenever I refer to personal style; one that is inspired, driven and attached to a person as opposed to brand, trends, fashion or anything else outside of their soul. Please feel free to use this phrase and tag me or hashtag your posts, any time you get inspired by someone’s unpredictable style or whenever you share your unique style and outfits that you come up with. Have an awesome day.

Love you,



Key to finding a bag of style

Hello lovely people,

How come it’s Sunday already?

We are in what is statistically the lowest week of the year but I am not one to care about such things so let me share something exciting with you today.

I have recently met an amazing lady who happens to live in Aberdeen too. Serena Venegoni (oh how I love the sound of her name) is an owner at Stellar Aberdeen ( on Chapel Street ).




I love Serena’s story. She has lived in Aberdeen for 10 years (I can relate to that ;)), she worked corporate jobs for years and then went to have family and for almost 7 years looked after her children (I love this part too obviously). For her return to workplace she didn’t just choose to get a job, she chose to set up this stunning business and it is going strong. The name of the place is inspired by Serena’s daughters; Stella and Lara (that warms my heart so much and I really love the sound of it ;).

I love seeing women entrepreneurs and the fact that we can all get inspired by her.

In October Serena opened the boutique with most gorgeous Italian bags and accessories. I went to visit her this week and fell in love with the place, the atmosphere and the bags of course. I love that there is something for me and for my clients as well as YOU, reading and following my journey ;))

Serena’s knowledge about her product is insane. Brands that sell at Stellar include Tosca Blu (gorgeous colours), Trussardi Jeans (more casual trends), Cochinelle and Furla (designer’s classics) as well as Piquadro (incredibly practical high tech business bags and briefcases). Apart from that Serena designed her own Stellar silk scarfs, each pattern is inspired by different Italian City.















I love the classic pieces, the softest leather and sometimes a pop of colour. I already own an incredibly soft and beautiful scarf and leather gloves and will be returning for more soon ;)))

These are my personal favourite day to day bags. What are yours?




This time of the year is amazing to refresh our personal style, adding some investment pieces to make the style stand out (and taking advantage of sales ;))








Stay tuned as there will definitely be more exciting news coming from me and Stellar.

Let me know what you like the most.

Have an amazing weekend.



Key to my hand care (and the best DIY scrub ever)

Hello beautiful people.

I am so grateful for your visits here 🙂

Last night my over dried hands have called for some help and I remembered the best DIY hand scrub that I use and just have to share with you.

Christmas does not just happen, we do all the cleaning, cooking, present wrapping, running in and out in the cold, more cleaning, resting and forgetting to care for our hands, I am not alone here, am I?

Now it’s time to remember the hands and care for them.

So here it goes, most of you will have the ingredient at home, that is exactly what makes me love this scrub. I am all for simple recipe and gorgeous results ;))


All you need is:

bowl, spoon, cloth, olive oil, sugar and lemon


Mix a little bit of olive oil ( 2 tbs should be enough, I always used to use way too much and ended up with enough scrub to use all over my whole body, not a bad thing at times actually 😉 I wouldn’t use it on my face though) with sugar (the texture really depends on your liking so add slowly until you are happy with the paste and then add few drops of lemon and mix again.

Now indulge in massaging your hands for few minutes. After that I wet the cloth and put in the microwave for 30 seconds and then place it over my both hands for another minute or so (homemade sauna ;))

You may skip the last step if you have no time or just don’t feel like it, the result will be great too, I just love the whole process and the result. At the end I use the cloth to gently clean the remaining scrub off my hands (I feel like that really helps take all the dry skin off) and then wash them  under cold water (no soap).

Your hands will feel very moisturized already. When my hands are dry though (and that seems like always) I add whatever hand cream I use at the time to seal the deal.

Right now my favourite is this (YOPE, naturalny krem do rak, imbir, drzewo sandalowe ), gift from Santa (all the way from Poland).

and voila!

Hope you enjoy treating your hands to some softness.

Have a super day and a great week gorgeous.




Key to my hair care

Hi guys and Happy New Year. Hope you have been making the best of the first few days of it. I have been working on my routine and improving my work. It is still very much work in progress but I am fine with it and I am allowing myself to have fun along the way and that is what I wish for you to; have fun with whatever it is you do and spend time on.

Today I decided to share with you couple of thing I do to improve my hair condition. I haven’t coloured my hair in a while now. I used to colour it at home and after some fails I was finally happy with the blue black that worked perfectly with my skin tone. After a while though, being a women, and letting my nature take over, I felt like a change. I let the roots grow…and grow (for a while it was not a pretty state) but I resisted until I could. I went to get it coloured. Wanted highlights (and I had a very specific look in mind) but was worried that bleaching my hair may have a huge effect on its condition. As it turned out, the effect I wanted would take about 6 stages and I was not prepared to go for it. I got some very light highlights and roots refreshed. That was in September and I haven’t done any colouring since. I am now happy embracing the more natural look (even though the colour is not perfectly what I had in mind, but it is a work in progress to). I have even learned to love my few grey hair and I am now focusing on careing for my hair more than ever before.

I have been using various shampoos (nothing fancy) but I find that using moisturizing hair masks couple of times a week has helped hugely. For that I use either coconut oil or combination of oils (caster oil, vitamin E oil, coconut oil and few more ).

Few days ago I was offered to try a new product which is also a combination of oils and the ingredient is heavenly so I jumped for it happily. It’s called Hallelujah Oil by Forest and Shore (picture’s provided below). I love that you can use it both, as a hair mask or after a wash. It has a lovely herbal smell and makes the hair feel very soft. I have so far only used it on washed hair and cannot wait to have in on overnight.

I also wanted to share with you how using different brushed changed my hair state. For brushing my hair wet, I now only use the wet brush. I got it few years ago and haven’t looked back since. The wide comb or tangle teezer does not work as well for me personally. And for drying the hair and light styling I use the natural hair brush (also no pulling at all). Apart from these I use ordinary brushes on dry hair and very rarely use hair styling tools.

I know that for some of you my hair will not look amazing but knowing its state from just a few months ago I see the difference. I also have it cut straight (no layers) which for me makes it look better and makes the styling easier too. It is all about being resourceful and not needing a cut too often (win win ;)).



hair washed and towel dried

how gorgeous is this packaging? what is inside makes me even happier, bottle of pure goodness :))

the wet brush

no pulling at all

best for hair drying and light styling

hair dried

#nofilter 😉


Any tips you guys have or your personal experience, please share.

Have a great day.




key to me – saying goodbye to 2017


I have been wanting to make this year’s revision and I have been putting it off.

I think its like with everything that we put off, we are afraid. I am often afraid that I haven’t given it my all and I judge myself instead of cheering myself to what I have been doing and accomplishing.  I am good at both but being hard on myself is easier, I have more practice on it and I can go crazy here (I am a natural ;)). I am also good lately at motivating myself though which feels refreshing. At times it does not feel natural or even possible, all the things that I tell myself I will do, be, get to but I keep saying it, thinking it, writing it down so I can finally feel it and make it happen.

Yesterday I fell for the Instagram trend of #best9. Not really sure how you are meant to choose I just scrolled back to the end of last year and from the beginning of 2017 I took screenshots of pictures that meant the most to me. I ended up with much more than 9… then I managed to somehow ‘close the deal’ on 9. Feeling bad for not including  people that actually meant just as much as the ones that I did include… (being hard on myself again) but then I took a deep breath… tears filled my eyes and I realized how blessed I am. In a year that feels like not that much has been done, I realized I made quite a few long term dreams come true.

I have been places with people that mean the most. I have re-visited home land with my own family.  I spend an evening with a friend I haven’t seen in years. I have taken care of myself and keep reminding myself to put myself first. I organised a ladies get together that gave me more than I imagined and will soon turn into something much bigger. I have turned my passion into a job that I never dreamed possible. I earned money from doing what I love. I have met people that cheer me to it and inspire me to be me. I have watched children grow (deep breath)… and let one go. All this together is bitter sweet but has made me who I am now.

I always knew that bad times are meant to give us the contrast and appreciate the good times more. So I am super grateful for every day. I have survived ! ;)) I am a warrior and will fight for all that I believe in this year (that may just be the most important goal 🤔).

Looking  at myself as if I stepped outside  of my body, I say, ‘you have made more possible that you realise. You remember when you used to dream of the things you now ‘have’ ? That really is your power. Use it wisely ;)’

…. and to all of you and each of you individually, I hope you are well (as I say it often) and I mean it.

I hope you let yourself cry and laugh whenever you feel like it. I hope that you dream as big and ‘impossible’ as when you were a little girl/little boy. I hope you don’t care what boundaries the world told you to believe in.  I hope that you ask yourself  what it is that you like and want (not what the trend to wanting is now). I hope you love like crazy, dance like there is no-one else in the room, I hope that when you stumble, you remember that it’s just part of the dance and that you enjoy getting up and making yourself proud. I hope that you eat what makes you excited, that you look after yourself and that your style speaks who you are.

I am sooooo grateful for you. I love you and wish you best in New Year, your year.



(at no particular order here’s few of this year’s favourite moments :))























key to her style – wardrobe audit

Today I am so thrilled to be sharing with you my recent wardrobe audit. I had a great pleasure to help one of my best friends with her style.

You all know I am a great believer in colour analysis and that is how I start all my style services. It is up to a client what she does with my advice but I must say up to now, all my clients really enjoyed the new knowledge and the guidance it gives them in areas of clothes, make up and hair.

First I share the theory with her and ask a lot of questions. Then we go into her wardrobe, pull EVERYTHING out and confront it with her skin tone guidance and make sure everything she has compliments her skin tone but also her body shape and her lifestyle.

I help her come up with new outfits, show her how to wear it; tuck a shirt in (and how), pin a sweater, roll up sleeves or trousers (and how much), add accessories (what type, where exactly to put a belt, how to tie it and wear it, what a difference a necklace can make (good and bad).   All these little pieces out together are for her to create a style that is exciting and consistent.

I advise on what does not compliment her style, body and skin as well. I never force a decision on anyone but it is my job to make sure I explain it well so that she is left with only pieces she actually loves and will wear.  I also advise on what to avoid in terms of colours, shapes, textures, patterns and anything else that is relevant so that she feels in charge of her newly updates style. I want all my clients to be excited about getting dressed and going shopping for themselves .





Dzisiaj mam niezwykłą przyjemność dzielić się z Wami efektami pracy nad stylem i szafą jednej z moich najlepszych przyjaciółek.

Jak wiecie, uwielbiam analizę kolorystyczną i to jak ułatwia pracę nad stylem, dlatego każde spotkanie z klientka zaczynam właśnie od odkrycia jej typu urody. Od klientki zależy czy będzie podążać za wskazówkami, które jej daje, ale muszę przyznać że każda z Pan, ż którymi pracowałam do tej pory cieszy się nowoodkryta wiedza i tym że ułatwia im nie tylko łączenie ubrać ale i dobor kosmetyków i dopasowanie koloru włosów.

Zaczynamy od teorii i od wielu pytań, które zadaje klientce, aby dopasować moje usługi do jej potrzeb. Wtedy zabieramy się do roboty, z szafy wyciągamy WSZYSTKO i ubranie po ubraniu analizujemy pod względem koloru, kroju, materiału  i stylu klientki.

Zwracam uwagę klientki również na to czego powinna unikać pod względem jej typu urody, budowy ciała i stylu. Nigdy nie zmuszam klientki do niczego ale moim zadaniem jest upewnienie się żeby jej szafa była wypełniona jedynie rzeczami które kocha i chce nosić. Wszystko to ma na celu doprowadzenie do sytuacji, w której będzie się czuła pewnie łącząc ubrania i robiąc zakupy samodzielnie.



warm or cool / cieply czy zimny ?

spring, autumn, summer or winter / wiosna, jesien, lato czy zima?

tuck the shirt in, one button open (every detail matters) / bluzka w spodnie, guziczek rozpiety (kazdy detal robi roznice)

show those legs off, balance the body out / odsłon nogi, stwórz zbalansowany zestaw

very subtle differance in colour can make a great differance in your appearance / malenka roznica w kolorze bluzki moze diametralnie zminic Twoj wyglad

when belt adds the cool but also does couple of magic tricks;), type of jacket and a way to wear it is important too / kiedy pasek jest fajnym dodatkiem ale rowzniez gra za magika ;), marynarka i sposob jej noszenia musi byc dobrany do sylwetki

black isn’t always slimming, fabric playa a great role too.  Sometimes an interesting patter and a cool accessory can be a better option. / Czarne nie zawsze wyszczupla, material ma również ogromne znaczenie. Czasem ciekawy wzór na bluzce i fajny wisior moga stworzyć bardziej interesujące połączenie.

trying it all on, piece by piece / wszystko trzeba przymierzyc i wyprobowac nowe polaczenia

evening make up (using only the colours complimenting to her skin tone ) / makijaz wieczorowy (kolory dobralysmy w zgodzie z typem urody)

almost there / juz prawie gotowe

viola! :))

Isn’t she lovely ?? (yes I am actully singing now :))) / Czyż ona nie piekna?


As per usual share your views guys, give me a shout if you’d like a little make over yourself. / Jak zwykle dajcie znac co myslicie, piszcie bezpośrednio jesli ktoras z Was ma ochote na mala metamorfoze?

PS- czy podoba Wam sie post po angielsku/polsku, łączony?






Key to wearing leggings

Hello lovely ladies,

I feel like this may be very relevant to all us mommies out there.

I personally have loved leggings since I was little. Apparently I loved them more than anything else since I was walking. My mom wanted nothing else but to have me wear dresses, yet I had a different idea (having two older boys already, she said she made dresses for me herself,  I don’t blame her for being a bit disappointing and I am starting to feel her pain since my 3 year old has a mind on his own with the choice of clothes, sometimes beyond ridiculous). Anyway, back to leggings, why do we love them so much? COMFORT! no questions about it. I used to own all sorts of patterned leggings. I used to didn’t think in terms of an outfit though, I just liked things, and I wore them.

I still love what I wear but find it much easier to put things together since I DO think of the whole outfit. I plan before I shop and that helps hugely. I now also own only couple of pairs of leggings and don’t seem to grab them as much as I used to.

Don’t take me wrong, there is nothing wrong with leggings but there is a rule to wearing them that a lot of ladies seem to ignore, the rule is, they are a ‘substitute’ to tights not to pants. What that means is that anything that we wear with them should be covering the bum area. Unless you are working out, your leggings are not for showing your hips off. If you really need to do that, grab skinny jeans please.

There is really countless ways of wearing leggings, that is flattering, but also in line with a dress code.

Here is at least a few that I put together one afternoon to show you that you can even go day to night with leggings.


This is something you can wear to a lunch date with girlfriends as well as cinema date with your husband; date to night.


Same here, this is so easy to wear and comfortable but because you swapped your cotton leggings for sequin ones, you can wear this even to an evening out and feel fab.


This is one of my favourites. Add a classic white shirt to your leggings and layer it with a cosy vest, accessories will do all the talking.


This is very much similar, just make sure to keep the vest on. If you were to take it off, your shirt needs to be covering your hips.


Again, this is simply swapping your black tights this season for some sparkly leggings to dress the outfit up a little.


For a super simple combo, and for those of you who love a tee and leggings set, make the tee long, add metallic flats and a cute hat to make the whole look a little more interesting.


Let me finish with the simplest possible way to wear leggings; tee, leggings and trainers, I like to add a little colour here, since the rest was black to start with, but you can do your converse here too, as long as the tee is long enough to cover what needs to be covered again. Simply finish the look by putting the denim jacket on and voila!

It really takes 5 minutes to plan the outfit so that you can be comfy but look stylish. Have fun with it ladies.



Key to rocking the trend -all red


Although colours are only one facet of a garments design, colour is usually the first thing to attract us to clothing. The more you know about colour and how it compliments your unique features, the more fun you can have with it (not to mention the obvious; the way you will blossom ;))

I have gone through high street shops for you ladies. As you may notice yourselves, red plays a great part this season and you can all rock it. True red is a colour that we can all wear well, no matter what skin tone.

This autumn, if you are feeling brave you can even go ‘red to toe’ and let it make you fell and look fabulous. However, if you are new to red and would rather start with a little sample of if you can do it by:

  • adding red earnings to otherwise neutral outfit,
  • adding slightly bigger accessory (or two) such as belt, shoes or a statement necklace,
  • popping  a red lip on (one of my personal favorite mood boosters ;)),
  • getting a red shirt and rocking it ass opposed to a white one at times,
  • wearing a little red dress (you cannot go wrong with getting one),
  • getting a red coat (only if that’s you and you know you will be able to wear it often).

If terms of wearing those pieces often, remember that they will be very memorable and wearing them day by day may not be an option, black or neutral coat for example may be a better investment and you can wear it daily.

To know how to add a touch of colour to otherwise natural or black outfit, I am inviting you to check out my post on ‘Key to wearing black’.

It is great staying on top of the trends but remember that they come and go and if you are investing in pieces, be sure to have their versatility in mind.

My personal opinion is that every woman should at least try a red lip, so I’d start there however if the colour is not new to you go brave, go big and rock it.

Here is a little photo gallery from my recent trip to the shops. As you see, there’s no way you’d miss the red 😉

Karren Millen



New Look

Dorothy Perkins

It is very interesting how shops suggest colour coordinating to us. Be aware of it and know your best way to wearing it. It is all driven by latest trends of course but on top of that I have noticed that the placement of the pieces created perfect colour combos for particular skin tones. You may get an inspiration if you are an autumn skin tone looking at the placement of the garments in Next (first three pictures), winter skin tone in Monsoon and Karren Millen or winter/summer skin tone in New Look.

I love getting inspired by watching it all but please remember to always have your own features in mind and do not let shop’s beautiful display stir you away from that.

Have an amazing day ladies.



Key to wearing black

So autumn is here. How are you all feeling about it in terms of your style? I personally love the leyers, boots, thicker textures and all the fun I can have with it. It can be challenging though. The shops will now be filled with earthy colours and as fun as it may seem it is not a complimenting option for all of us. Only some of us can wear it well (me excluding). With that in mind a lot of us will want to stick or turn to black. A lot of ladies turn to it as it tends to make one feel slimmer, smarter and possibly more powerful. However the season tones recommend only winter tones individuals wear the colour black.

With that in mind I put together few tips on how to successfully wear black (because we can’t all give it up).

  • Black looks its absolute best when worn with one or combination of neutral tones (e.g. white, grey, cream, tan, gold, silver, bronze or brown).



  • When wearing black with a colour, be sure to add another neutral tone to the ensemble – it looks less dated that way.

  • It isn’t easy to look good in black when worn from head to toe, but it can be done. Make sure that each item of outfit is of a different texture. The trick is to “add dimension” and avoid ” looking flat”.


  • Black items need to be very black! As soon as they start to lose their colour – the overall flattering effect is lost. To avoid them fading to fast, wash them in very low temperature, away from different colours.

  • Refrain from wearing black all the time. It has the power to “drain” one’s appearance. Remember to alternate with other colours that suit your skin tone.


Above all, make sure you feel comfortable in it and that it represents who you are. Get inspired by others but make it your own.

Here is to a sunny and memorable week.